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Getting Started

For New Accounts: If you were recently approved for processing, you’ll be contacted by someone in the technical department to reprogram your terminal.

For Existing Accounts: If your terminal has lost programming, contact the Help Desk at 847-847-4834 (option 1). We’ll troubleshoot the issue and build a new file if needed. If the terminal is not functioning, please contact 847-847-4834 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. MST.

All terminals shipped from our office will have instruction manuals. If an instruction manual was not provided, you can either:

– Call the Help Desk at 847-847-4834 (option 1) and we’ll walk you through any processes you need to perform on the terminal.
– Send an email to: dominick@coastalpayments.com. Please include the name of your business, merchant ID number, and the terminal type.

You’ll receive an email with a link to begin setting up your online gateway. The email will also list several contacts, should you require additional assistance.

You can contact 847-847-4834 or the gateway help desk. The gateway help desk number is provided in the initial welcome emails.

Different terminals and point-of-sale systems have different procedures. If you are not sure how to batch out your terminal, please check the instruction manual or contact the Help Desk at 847-847-4834 (option 1) and we’ll walk you through the process to be sure it is batched properly.

If your terminal is not working, please contact the Help Desk at 847-847-4834.

Account Updates And Processing

You would send your EIN number that reflects the new name. Once we verify the change with the IRS, we’ll update your account.

The new business owner would apply for merchant services under their name. Once this is approved, the business owner activates their new account and may begin processing under their MID. At this point, the existing MID would be closed.

You can call our support team at 847-847-4834 and we’ll walk you through the process.

To update your banking information, request a Bank Account Update form. When the form is completed, fax it back to us at 847-847-4834, along with a copy of a voided check or bank letter. During this process, please do not close your prior bank account.

Yes, account access is available online. This will allow you to view batches, deposits, and statements. Please click here to request online access.

American Express (AMEX) created the OptBlue program to offer small- to medium-sized businesses direct payment processing to AMEX. OptBlue provides some of the same benefits as the older OnePoint program, including same-day funding, a single point of contact for customer service, and one statement for all credit card transactions. See if OptBlue will work for your business by calling 847-847-4834.

If you have a separate business account with American Express, they’ll charge and credit your account separately. If you would like a single statement for all credit cards, AMEX’s OptBlue program will combine AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover transactions into a single statement. Most businesses processing less than $500,000 a year in AMEX charges qualify for this program with First Data.

Authorize.net has fees associated with access as well. There will be charges each month depending on amount of transactions you process, in addition to a small monthly fee to utilize the gateway.

About Coastal Payments + Clover

Employees will select the appropriate ticket for payment, then present the Clover screen to the customer to complete tip, payment, and receipt options.

Yes. Tickets can be split by custom amounts or evenly between any number of guests.

Yes. This is an optional setting that includes a “tip default” suggestion in the Clover Setup application located on each device or in your Clover merchant console.

Yes. Full and partial ticket payments are immediately updated on the POS.

Cash must be tendered at POS terminals. Cash Discount can complete a transaction that has been partially paid with cash.

Discounts are applied in the POS and will be properly reflected in Cash Discount.

Cash Discount currently only accepts credit card payments, like EMV and NFC payments. Any other form of payment must be accepted at the POS.

A customer can choose “No Receipt” or can have the receipt printed, texted, or emailed.

Yes. Payments can be refunded on a Clover device or in the Clover merchant console via “Clover Transactions.” Note: Refunding a transaction using the Clover Transactions application will not update the POS.

Cash Discount payments are automatically closed out.

Cash Discount was designed to be shared, so employees are able to use any available Clover device and still work with their own orders.

Cash Discount uses the same employee logins already used at the POS terminal, so no new logins need to be created or managed.

No. Cash Discount can dynamically map to existing POS employee fields to determine which field will be used for the Cash Discount login.

Cash Discount can only print to a Clover Bluetooth printer paired to the Clover device.

Yes. The merchant information can be changed in the Clover Setup application located on each device or in your Clover merchant console.

Yes. Clover synchronizes setting changes performed on a device with all other devices that are under the same Clover merchant account. The same is true for changes done in your Clover merchant console.

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